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Nuclear Society of Slovenia

Contest of Young Authors and Best Poster Award

Following the tradition of previous meetings, award was given for the best paper prepared by 
the first author aged no more than 32 years. 

Ten young authors from six countries participated in the contest. For the outstanding effort and 
enthusiasm shown in the preparation of the paper the Award was presented to:


Miroslav Babić, Slovenia for the paper
CFD Spray Simulations for Nuclear Reactor Safety Applications with Lagrangian Approach for Droplet Modelling

(co-authored by Ivo Kljenak and Borut Mavko)





David Palko, Sweden for the paper

Theoretical and Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Deterioration in HPLWR

(co-authored by Henryk Anglart)





This year the Best Poster Award was introduced in appreciation of excellence in poster presentation.

The award was given to poster entitled:


"Using Safety Margins for a German Seismic PRA" by R. Obenland, T. Bloem, W. Tietsch, J.-B. Sing.