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MONDAY, SEPT. 9, 2019

09.09.2019  17:50 – 18:30        Invited Plenary Speaker 1
No. 101
09.09.2019    17:50
Nuclear non-destructive measurements for nuclear fuel cycle: A review of developments, challenges and prospects
Abdallah Lyoussi – France


09.09.2019  18:30 – 19:30         1000 | Nuclear Power Plant Operation and New Reactor Technologies
No. 1001
09.09.2019    18:30
Comparison Study of Natural Circulation Cooldown Capability for Various Reactor Types
Gwang Hyeok Seo – South Korea
No. 1011
09.09.2019    18:50
Planning Of Modifications Using Laser Scanning Technology
Primož Hostnik, Rajmund Mlakar – Slovenia
No. 1003
09.09.201  19:10
Deployment of Small Modular Reactors
Helena Janžekovič, Andreja Peršič – Slovenia


TUESDAY, SEPT. 10, 2019

10.09.2019  08:30 – 9:10            Invited Plenary Speaker 2
No. 102
10.09.2019    08:30
High Fidelity Neutronics Software, uncertainty quantification, and Research Reactors
Alireza Haghighat – USA-Virginia



10.09.2019  09:10 – 10:30        500 | Research Reactors
No. 501
10.09.2019    09:10
Design and safety of the PGNAA facility at the TRIGA Research Reactor of the University of Pavia – LENA
Andrea Salvini, Daniele Alloni, Massimiliano Clemenza – Italy
No. 502
10.09.2019    09:30
Experimental validation of RAPID for calculation of flux redistribution factors due to control rods insertion in TRIGA reactors
Valerio Mascolino, Alireza Haghighat, Luka Snoj – USA-Virginia
No. 503
10.09.2019    09:50
Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of the TRIGA Mark II Reactor Using First and Second Order Perturbation Theory
Luis Daniel Celeita Perez, Christian Castagna, Stefano Lorenzi, Antonio Cammi – Italy
No. 504
10.09.2019    10:10
Analysis of the contribution of the gamma flux for the incore neutron flux measurement in MTR
Christophe Destouches, Vladimir Radulović – France
10.09.2019  10:50 – 12:30         600 | Reactor Physics
No. 601
10.09.2019    10:50
SuperFINIX — A flexible-fidelity core level fuel behavior solver for multi-physics applications
Ville Valtavirta – Finland
No. 602
10.09.2019    11:10
Evaluating the effect of decay and fission yield data uncertainty on spent nuclear fuel source term using Serpent 2
Antti Rintala, Ville Sahlberg – Finland
No. 609
10.09.2019    11:30
Gamma Dose Rate Analysis in Case of Loss of Water Event at the Jožef Stefan Institute TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor
Anže Jazbec, Bor Kos, Luka Snoj – Slovenia
No. 604
10.09.2019    11:50
Neutron Spectrum Unfolding Exercise REAL-2019
Andrej Trkov, Ingrid Vavtar – Austria
No. 605
10.09.2019    12:10
Implementation of Neutron Trap Passive System in GFR 2400 Fast Reactor Design
Filip Osuský, Branislav Vrban, Ján Haščík – Slovakia
10.09.2019  14:00 – 14:40         Invited Plenary Speaker 3
No. 103
10.09.2019    14:00
High Fidelity Experimental Data for Computational Fluid Dynamics Validation in Nuclear Applications
Yassin Hassan – USA
10.09.2019  14:40 – 15:40        200 | Thermal-hydraulics
No. 201
10.09.2019    14:40
Constraining input uncertainty sources of PSA by sensitivity analysis using FFTBM-SM
Andrej Prošek, Andrija Volkanovski – Slovenia
No. 202
10.09.2019    15:00
Analysis of statistical uncertainties in a direct numerical simulation of flow in a backward facing step
Jure Oder, Iztok Tiselj – Slovenia
No. 203
10.09.2019    15:20
Safety-related studies on heavy-liquid metal technology for advanced reactors in Europe
Walter Tromm – Germany
10.09.2019  15:40 – 16:30         Poster Session I
No. 204
10.09.2019    15:40
Simulation of Erosion of a Helium Gas Layer with a Vertical Air Jet in SPARC Test Facility
Rok Krpan, Iztok Tiselj, Ivo Kljenak – Slovenia
No. 205
10.09.2019    15:40
Preliminary calculation on the containment external cooling effect for FLEX strategy using containment analysis codes
Kyungho Nam – South Korea
No. 207
10.09.2019    15:40
Heat transfer measurements in a single-phase flow of refrigerant R245fa in annular geometry
Boštjan Zajec, Marko Matkovič, Leon Cizelj – Slovenia
No. 208
10.09.2019    15:40
Comparison of 1D and 3D Water Hammer Analysis for Fast Transients in Nuclear Power Plant
Byung Soo Shin, Gonghee Lee – South Korea
No. 209
10.09.2019    15:40
Flow and heat transfer CFD analysis in the test section of THELMA for wall surface temperature determination
Anil Kumar Basavaraj, Marko Matkovič, Blaž Mikuž – Slovenia
No. 210
10.09.2019    15:40
PIV measurements of turbulent flow over backward-facing step
Nejc Kosanič, Boštjan Zajec, Jure Oder, Marko Matkovič, Iztok Tiselj – Slovenia
No. 211
10.09.2019    15:40
Experimental observation of Taylor bubble disintegration in turbulent flow
Blaž Mikuž, Iztok Tiselj – Slovenia
No. 212
10.09.2019    15:40
Investigations on flow boiling under forced convection on zircaloy tubes up to critical heat flux
Walter Tromm – Germany
No. 213
10.09.2019    15:40
Beyond Design Basis Accidents With Interloop Leakage Indused By The Hydraulic Shock Damaging The VVER Steam Generator
Volodymir Skalozubov, Victor Kolykhanov, Igor Kozlov, Denis Pierkovsky, Oleg Chulkin, Yuri Komarov, Irina Aretinskaya – Ukraine
No. 304
10.09.2019    15:40
Neutron-irradiated nanocrystalline silicon carbide (3C-SiC) particles investigation by EDP method
Elchin Huseynov – Azerbaijan
No. 305
10.09.2019    15:40
Statistical study of intergranular stresses in untextured polycrystalline metals
Samir El Shawish – Slovenia
No. 306
10.09.2019    15:40
Modeling cladding oxidation with coupled thermal-mechanics and thermal-hydraulics solvers
Henri Loukusa, Jussi Peltonen – Finland
No. 307
10.09.2019    15:40
Prototyping of a harsh conditions resistant ultrasound NDE tool for water level measurements in a nuclear power plant primary circuit
Nikola Bunčić, Marko Budimir – Croatia
No. 309
10.09.2019    15:40
High Fidelity Computation Models to Calculate the Effective Material Properties of Porous Cells
Nima Fathi – USA – New Mexico
No. 406
10.09.2019    15:40
Analysis of Severe Accident in Safety Upgraded Krško NPP with MELCOR 2.2
Matjaž Leskovar, Mitja Uršič – Slovenia
No. 407
10.09.2019    15:40
Simulation of premixed layer formation in stratified melt-coolant configuration
Janez Kokalj, Matjaž Leskovar, Mitja Uršič – Slovenia
No. 408
10.09.2019    15:40
Simulations of heat and mass transfer around circular core fragment in sodium coolant
Matej Tekavčič, Žan Kogovšek, Mitja Uršič, Matjaž Leskovar – Slovenia
No. 409
10.09.2019    15:40
Simulation of Hydrogen Combustion Experiment in THAI+ Facility with ASTEC Code
Ivo Kljenak, Rok Krpan – Slovenia
No. 410
10.09.2019    15:40
Comparison of Pool Scrubbing Simulations With SCRUPOS Experiment
Matic Kunšek, Ivo Kljenak, Leon Cizelj – Slovenia
No. 411
10.09.2019    15:40
MELCOR Simulations of the SBO in Gen III PWR with EVMR
Piotr Darnowski, Piotr Mazgaj – Poland
No. 412
10.09.2019    15:40
Reactor Vessel Modelling with the MELCOR Code
Siniša Šadek, Davor Grgić, Franjo Vuković, Vesna Benčik – Croatia
No. 505
10.09.2019    15:40
Application of JSIR2S for Dosimetry Calibration of Nürfet semiconductor Dosimeters at the JSI TRIGA Reactor In-between Reactor Shutdowns
Klemen Ambrožič, Luka Snoj, Gregor Kramberger – Slovenia
No. 506
10.09.2019    15:40
Jožef Stefan Institute TRIGA Research Reactor Activities in the Period from September 2018 – August 2019
Anže Jazbec, Sebastjan Rupnik, Andraž Verdir, Marko Rosman, Vladimir Radulović, Luka Snoj, Borut Smodiš – Slovenia
No. 507
10.09.2019    15:40
Evaluation of Uncertainties in Theoretical Predictions of Pulse Mode Operation
Ingrid Vavtar, Luka Snoj – Slovenia
No. 508
10.09.2019    15:40
Computational-Experimental Investigation of Fission Thermal Probe
Nima Fathi – USA – New Mexico
No. 606
10.09.2019    15:40
Impact of Burnable Absorbers on Nuclear Data Uncertainty Analysis for Fuel Assembly Depletion
Martin Lovecky, Jiri Zavorka, Jana Jirickova, Radek Škoda – Czech Republic
No. 607
10.09.2019    15:40
Study On Probability Distribution Of Input Nuclear Data In Random Sampling Method For Uncertainty Quantification Calculation Of Reactor Physics Parameters
Ryotaro Kimura, Go Chiba – Japan
No. 608
10.09.2019    15:40
Pin Power Reconstruction Method For Rectangular Geometry In Nodal Neutronics Program Ants
Antti Rintala, Ville Sahlberg – Finland
No. 610
10.09.2019    15:40
The Results of Studies on Water-Moderated Lattices and Program of Experiments on Fast Multiplying Systems with 19.75% Enriched UZrCN Fuel
Svyatoslav Sikorin, Siarhei Mandzik, Siarhei Polazau, Andrei Kuzmin, Tatsiana Hryharovich, Yury Damarad, Iryna Soltan, Shamil Tukhvatulin, Igor Bolshinsky, Yousry Gohar – Belarus
No. 611
10.09.2019    15:40
Nuclear Data Adjustment Based On Bayesian Inference Applied To Covariance Matrix Generation
Florian Batard, Ivo Kodeli, Pierre-Jacques Dossantos-Uzarralde – France
No. 612
10.09.2019    15:40
Determination of the NPP Krško spent fuel characteristics with the Serpent and SCALE code systems
Marjan Kromar, Bojan Kurinčič – Slovenia
No. 613
10.09.2019    15:40
Determination of neutron flux redistribution factors for typical PWR using Monte Carlo neutron transport methods
Tanja Goričanec, Domen Kotnik, Žiga Štancar, Bor Kos, Klemen Ambrožič, Luka Snoj, Marjan Kromar – Slovenia
No. 614
10.09.2019    15:40
A 3D Multi-Physics Modelling Of The TRIGA Mark Ii Reactor
Christian Castagna, Carolina Introini, Antonio Cammi – Italy
No. 616
10.09.2019    15:40
Software development for visualization of Monte Carlo results based on the MCNP program
Mario Matijević, Domagoj Markota, Davor Grgić – Croatia
No. 618
10.09.2019    15:40
Parametric Analysis of MCNP Multigroup Cross-Section Processing for VVER-440
Branislav Vrban, Jakub Lüley, Stefan Cerba, Filip Osuský, Vladimir Nečas – Slovakia
No. 619
10.09.2019    15:40
Measurement of the Neutron Emission Rate by the Manganese Sulphate Bath Technique
Jakub Lüley, Branislav Vrban, Stefan Cerba, Filip Osuský, Vladimir Nečas – Slovakia
No. 704
10.09.2019    15:40
Growth Rate Of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Applying Nano-Structured Porous Lining In Inertial Confinement Fusion Target Shells
Arash Malekpour, Abbas Ghasemizad – Iran
No. 705
10.09.2019    15:40
Simulation of Natural Convection of Helium in DEMO Cryostat Using OpenFOAM
Rok Krpan, Matej Tekavčič, Ivo Kljenak, Boštjan Končar – Slovenia
No. 706
10.09.2019    15:40
Comparison of MCNP and Serpent for Fusion Transport Simulations
Andrej Žohar, Igor Lengar, Luka Snoj – Slovenia
No. 707
10.09.2019    15:40
The initial step towards JOREK integration in IMAS
Dejan Penko, Leon Kos, Guido Huijsmans, Simon D. Pinches – Slovenia
No. 708
10.09.2019    15:40
Investigation Of Nuclear Fusion Relevant Neutron Energy Groups Influence On Activation Characteristics
Andrius Tidikas, Gediminas Stankunas – Lithuania
No. 709
10.09.2019    15:40
Time Dependence Boundary Conditions During Type I ELM in ITER Scrape-Off-Layer
Ivona Vasileska – Slovenia
No. 710
10.09.2019    15:40
Shielding concept and neutronic assessment of the European DEMO Upper port
Aljaž Čufar, Christian Vorpahl, Christian Bachmann, Tim Eade, Rocco Mozzillo – Slovenia
No. 711
10.09.2019    15:40
Study of heavy ammonia production and hydrogen isotope exchange in ammonia on surfaces exposed to nitrogen/deuterium plasma
Sabina Markelj, Matic Pečovnik, Iztok Čadež – Slovenia
No. 712
10.09.2019    15:40
A model for stabilization of defects due to D presence during damage creation by W ion irradiation in tungsten
Matic Pečovnik, Sabina Markelj, Thomas Schwarz-Selinger, Etienne A. Hodille – Slovenia
No. 713
10.09.2019    15:40
Transport calculations for characterization of the neutron field in fusion applications
Igor Lengar, Andrej Žohar, Aljaž Čufar, Luka Snoj – Slovenia
No. 714
10.09.2019    15:40
The effect of mesh refinement on the calculation of cryostat thermal loads in DEMO during the incident helium ingress
Martin Draksler, Boštjan Končar, Matej Tekavčič – Slovenia
No. 715
10.09.2019    15:40
Kinetic properties of SOL with intermittent filamentary transport
Jernej Kovačič, Stefan Costea, Tomaz Gyergyek, Inaki Gomez, Tsviatko Popov, Roman Schrittwieser, Codrina Ioniţă – Slovenia
No. 716
10.09.2019    15:40
W2C-Reinforced Tungsten: A Promising Candidate for DEMO divertor
Petra Jenuš, Matej Kocen, Anže Abram, Andreja Šestan, Andrei Galatanu, Elena Tejado, Jose Pastor, Marius Wirtz, Gerald Pintsuk, Saša Novak – Slovenia
No. 804
10.09.2019    15:40
MACCS2 statistical analysis to evaluate the off-sites consequences of a severe accident at the Krško NPP for Emergency Preparedness and Response purposes
Antonio Guglielmelli, Antonio Cervone, Federico Rocchi – Italy
No. 805
10.09.2019    15:40
Radioactivity in the Environment: SNSA’s New Web Portal
Michel Cindro, Samo Tomažič – Slovenia
No. 807
10.09.2019    15:40
Feedbacks from Radiation Protection Courses in Nuclear Training Centre
Tomaž Skobe, Matjaž Koželj – Slovenia
No. 808
10.09.2019    15:40
Transposition of BSS Directive in practice: Slovenian results for stakeholder engagement in medicine, emergency management and indoor radon
Nadja Železnik – Slovenia
No. 809
10.09.2019    15:40
Design of a protective container for fuel-containing materials
Serhii Kupriianchuk, Marjan Kromar – Ukraine
No. 810
10.09.2019    15:40
Nuclear emergency preparedness – Short overview of EU approaches
Miodrag Stručić, Luca Ammirabile, Juan Carlos De La Rosa Blul, Patricia Pla Freixa, Montserrat Marin Ferrer, Miguel Angel Hernandez Ceballos – Netherlands
No. 904
10.09.2019    15:40
The TN MW®, a flexible solution for Waste Management
Assia Talbi, Renaud Leblevennec, Catherine Grandhomme – France
No. 906
10.09.2019    15:40
Impact of fuel type and discharge burnup on source term
Pauli Juutilainen, Silja Häkkinen – Finland
No. 908
10.09.2019    15:40
Setting the Authorized Limits of the Discharges from the Restored Disposal Sites of Žirovski Vrh Uranium Mine (Slovenia)
Metka Kralj, Milko Križman, Mitja Eržen – Slovenia
No. 909
10.09.2019    15:40
Determination of Disposal Density of VVER-1200 Spent Fuel Loaded Canisters in Horizontal Geological Disposal
Gürel Özeşme, Banu Bulut Acar – Turkey
No. 1002
10.09.2019    15:40
Jiří Závorka, Martin Lovecky, Radek Skoda – Czech Republic
No. 1006
10.09.2019    15:40
Uncertainties Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis of the CIP0-1 RIA Test by means of TRANSURANUS
Rolando Calabrese, Arndt Schubert, Paul Van Uffelen – Italy
No. 1007
10.09.2019    15:40
Computer Simulation Of Nuclear Reactor On Spherical Standing Burning Wave
Yurii Leleko, Volodymyr Gann, Ganna Gann – Ukraine
No. 1008
10.09.2019    15:40
Analysis of IFA-507 by means of the TRANSURANUS Code
Rolando Calabrese – Italy
No. 1009
10.09.2019    15:40
Influence Of Load Following Adjustment In The Electric Power System On The Operating And Economy Of New NPP Krško 2
Tomaž Ploj, Samo Fürst – Slovenia
No. 1010
10.09.2019    15:40
Method for Coolant Velocity Estimation in the Reactor Core Using In-Core Rh SPND detectors
Sándor Kiss, Sándor Lipcsei – Hungary
No. 1012
10.09.2019    15:40
Why a Typical Event in a Nuclear Power Plant Can Lead to a Major Nuclear Accident – Probability, Causes and Consequences
Venceslav Kostadinov – Slovenia
No. 1013
10.09.2019    15:40
Progression of Station Blackout Event in PWR plant
Andrija Volkanovski, Andrej Prošek – Slovenia
No. 1104
10.09.2019    15:40
Public Opinion about Nuclear Energy – Year 2019 Poll
Radko Istenič, Igor Jenčič – Slovenia
No. 1105
10.09.2019    15:40
Safety Consideration on Decommissioning Strategies of Nuclear Power Plants in Korea
Kyung-Woo Choi – South Korea
No. 1106
10.09.2019    15:40
Radiation Protection Training for Radiation Protection Culture: What Can and What Can Not Be Done
Vesna Slapar Borišek, Matjaž Koželj – Slovenia
No. 1107
10.09.2019    15:40
Essential Educational Activities For Public As A Part Of Implementation Of The Croatian Stakeholder Involvement Programme Related To Radioactive Waste Management
Želimir Veinović, Ivica Prlić – Croatia
No. 1109
10.09.2019    15:40
A Virtual Reality System (VRS) for RAPID
Valerio Mascolino, Alireza Haghighat, Nicholas Polys – USA-Virginia
No. 1110
10.09.2019    15:40
Training of Radiation Protection Officers in Slovenia: What are We Missing?
Matjaž Koželj, Vesna Slapar Borišek – Slovenia
No. 1111
10.09.2019    15:40
Representative social survey on public energy preferences, renewable, fossil and nuclear alternatives
Börcsök Endre, Zoltán Ferencz, Veronika Groma, Szabina Török – Hungary
No. 1112
10.09.2019    15:40
Regulatory Aspects Regarding Topical Peer Review on Ageing Management Program
Jure Škodlar – Slovenia
No. 1113
10.09.2019    15:40
A Role of Radiation Protection Officers and Radiation Protection Experts
Helena Janžekovič – Slovenia
10.09.2019  16:30 – 17:10         Invited Plenary Speaker 4
No. 104
10.09.2019    16:30
Attracting & Developing New Nuclear Talents: rebalancing Know-Why and Know-How
Leon Cizelj – Slovenia
10.09.2019  17:10 – 18:10         1100 | Regulatory Issues, Sustainability and Education
No. 1101
10.09.2019    17:10
Conducting Trainings of SNSA Emergency Response Team
Igor Sirc, Metka Tomažič – Slovenia
No. 1114
10.09.2019    17:30
Towards a New Research Reactor in Slovenia
Jan Malec, Anže Pungerčič, Bor Kos, Klemen Ambrožič, Andrej Žohar, Vladimir Radulović, Anže Jazbec, Sebastjan Rupnik, Vid Merljak, Aljaž Čufar, Žiga Štancar, Luka Snoj – Slovenia
No. 1103
10.09.2019    17:50
National Strategy for Research and Development in the Area of a Use of Nuclear Energy and Radiation Sources in Slovenia
Barbara Vokal Nemec, Andreja Peršič, Helena Janžekovič – Slovenia



11.09.2019  08:30 – 9:10            Invited Plenary Speaker 5
No. 105
11.09.2019 08:30
Can Nuclear Power Solve Climate Change?
Alastair Laird – Belgium


11.09.2019  09:10 – 10:10         300 | Materials, Integrity and Plant Life Management
No. 308
11.09.2019    09:10
Fracture Mechanics Analyses of Reactor Pressure Vessel under Pressurized Thermal Shock with TRACE Input Loads
Diego F. Mora, Oriol Costa Garrido, Markus Niffenegger, Roman Mukin – Switzerland
No. 302
11.09.2019    09:30
Experimental Study Of Primary Radiation Defects In W And Fe
Olga Ogorodnikova, Mitja Majerle, Volodymyr Gann, Jakub Cizek, Petr Hruska, Stanislav Simakov, Milan Stefanik, Václav Zach – Russian Federation
No. 303
11.09.2019    09:50
Probabilistic fracture mechanics analyses for structural integrity assessment of nuclear components
Oriol Costa Garrido, Markus Niffenegger, Diego F. Mora, Roman Mukin – Slovenia
11.09.2019  10:10 – 10:50        Poster Session II
Please check a list of abstracts at "Poster Session I"
11.09.2019  10:50 – 12:30         400 | Severe Accidents
No. 401
11.09.2019    10:50
Sensitivity study on initial conditions of sodium vapour explosion in FARO-TERMOS T2 like conditions
Mitja Uršič, Matjaž Leskovar – Slovenia
No. 402
11.09.2019    11:10
A Separate Effect Study of the Influence of Molybdenum on Iodine and Caesium Transport in the Primary Circuit in Nuclear Severe Accident Conditions
Melany Gouello, Jouni Hokkinen, Teemu Kärkelä – Finland
No. 403
11.09.2019    11:30
Modelling of Severe Beyond-Design-Basis-Accident at Spent Fuel Pool of AES-2006 Taking into Account the Fuel Elements Oxidation Features in Steam-Air Atmosphere
Alexander D. Vasiliev, Yurii Zvonarev, Valerii Merkulov – Russian Federation
No. 404
11.09.2019    11:50
Uncertainty Analysis of the Hydrogen Production in PHEBUS FPT-1 Experiment
Piotr Mazgaj, Piotr Darnowski – Poland
No. 405
11.09.2019    12:10
Features and Validation of the New Transport Module in ATHLET-CD
Livia Tiborcz, Thorsten Hollands – Germany


THURSDAY, SEPT. 12, 2019

12.09.2019  08:30 – 9:10            Invited Plenary Speaker 6
No. 106
12.09.2019    08:30
The new Divertor Tokamak Test facility
Raffaele Albanese, Flavio Crisanti, Piero Martin, Aldo Pizzuto and the DTT team – Italy
12.09.2019  09:10 – 10:10         700 | Nuclear Fusion
No. 701
12.09.2019    09:10
Validation and Use of Coupling SUSD3D with Denovo for Complex Sensitivity/Uncertainty Analysis
Bor Kos, Ivan Aleksander Kodeli – Slovenia
No. 702
12.09.2019    09:30
Thermal Modelling of ITER First Wall Panels
Matic Brank, Leon Kos, Richard Pitts, Gregor Simic – Slovenia
No. 703
12.09.2019    09:50
Influence of surface roughness on sputtering of Mo under keV D ions irradiation
Mitja Kelemen, Primož Pelicon, Sabina Markelj, Espedito Vassallo, David Dellasega, Matteo Passoni, Matteo Pedroni, Thomas Schwarz-Selinger, Antti Hakola, Eurofusion Wp Pfc Contributors – Slovenia
12.09.2019  10:30 -11:30          800 | Radiation and Environmental Protection
No. 806
12.09.2019    10:30
Tamara Gregorčič, Michel Cindro, Samo Tomažič – Slovenia
No. 802
12.09.2019    10:50
Radiation transport capabilities in the Serpent 2 Monte Carlo code
Jaakko Leppänen – Finland
No. 803
12.09.2019    11:10
Evaluation of the NEK SFDS cask model using hybrid shielding methodology
Davor Grgić, Mario Matijević, Paulina Dučkić, Radomir Ječmenica – Croatia
12.09.2019  11:30- 12:30          900 | Radioactive Waste Management
No. 901
12.09.2019    11:30
Characterizing the Radioactivity of the Concrete Shielding during Decommissioning of the LFR
Perry Young – Netherlands
No. 902
12.09.2019    11:50
Low and Intermediate Level Waste (LILW) repository in Slovenia
Špela Mechora, Sandi Viršek – Slovenia
No. 903
12.09.2019    12:10
Reprocessing, a sustainable used fuel management strategy
Assia Talbi, Peter Breitenstein – France